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So what’s then, Hubert Frank and Tony , Nope not at all. HFT is Hunter Field Target and it’s the most exciting thing ( I think ) you can do with an Airgun. In a nut shell its shooting targets from 8 to 45 yards in the woods or out in the open, in wind and in the elements with a sub 12ft\lb Airgun. Sounds easy , its not! There are so many facets to this amazing sport. It all started many years ago as a spin off from FT. FT is Field Target which still has a strong following today. The difference being that in Field target you can adjust your scope, parallax and also the magnification. We in HFT cant do this at all, what you start the round with, you stick with. You cant adjust your settings on your scope in anyway. If you get it wrong on your first target as I have many many times you shoot the entire round with that set up. It all started replicating hunting in the field and I for one love it. In HFT it’s a test of range finding, wind estimation and a bit of luck. I do however find that the more you practice the more luck you seem to find which is a good thing. Do you need spend the equivalent of the national debt of Venezuela  to purchase all your equipment … Some do, I don’t. You don’t need to spend loads and loads on equipment to get results. There are plenty of guns out there that will get you on your way and loads and loads of scopes. The trick is to go to a local Air gun club and have a good feel of the guns ( with permission of course ) and look through as many scopes as you can. Once you have done this you will get a good idea of what you need and like to take part in your  first outing into the great sport of HFT. So where do you go to shoot HFT. Now what I did was look on the internet for any air gun forum and ask the question, failing that there are plenty of good magazine’s out there that have all the info you need. The point is, you have an airgun or you want to buy one, get to a  local newsagent and buy a few airgun mags, they are on the bottom shelf so you can reach for sure, get on You tube , Have a look for anything HFT and you will find loads and loads of advise. Now that’s done you will be well on the way to starting HFT and I am sure you will not look back. Go slow, practice lots and listen to proven people. Most people will tell you how to shoot after seeing Bad Boys or Bad boys 2 (I thought was much better) but in reality they have never shot an airgun in their lives. Is it easy... Nope , is it worth it... Goodness me YES. This article just got real.

Roger Lait



World Hunter Field Target Organization joins shooters from all countries, coordinate major events and unites HFT rules.

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