UPDATE 1.1.2024

Between 19th and 29th December 2023 - delegates took part in the vote on changes to the rules since 2024.

Change of rule on Shoot-offs.

New version:

2.10. Shoot off will always take place in the event if a tie for 1st place in all individuals classes.
Shoot off will be shoot at 3 targets.
Standard rules for unsupported kneeling/standing positions will be used, including hitzone sizes and distances.
Each person will shoot all three targets from the kneeling position, if any competitors are still tied they will then shoot the targets in the standing position. If after this no winner is established then there will be sudden death shoot off. Only fallen targets are counted as a result. Who shoots down more targets wins. If a large number of shooters are tied for a placing, the organizers may decide to use a count back to decide other placings. 
Ranking in the Team category: 1. Compare number of shooters. The team with less shooters wins.2. If still tied, compare the best daily score of each team. The biggest score wins. 3. If still tied, compare the highest achieved individual score in each team. The biggest score wins. 4. If still tied, shoot-off with 1 competitor from each tied team will be selected by each country for a shoot-off. The total targets dropped by the selected competitor will determine the winning team.
YES - 17, NO - 0, ABSTAINED - 0

Voting result - amendment approved.



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